Leaving the beaten track behind. To invent new braiding solutions has been the guiding them of TRESSE INDUSTRIE since the start of the company...

Technical competence, knowledge of textile fibers, the design and adaptation machines and adaptation of machines and, more than anything else, the willingness to innovate, results in products perfectly matched to the project specifications. At the same time, quality is always of the utmost priority. Only by maintaining quality can retain a credible position within our markets .

Certified ISO 9001 then ISO/TS 16949, TRESSE INDUSTRIE is able to meet the most exacting requirements in terms of quality, particularly in the automotive sector. Equally TRESSE INDUSTRIE obtained the environmental certificate, ISO 14001, in 2002, which d means that it is now, more than ever, able to integrate its industrial operations in a framework of sustainable development. Since 2009 we are certified ISO 13485 which define quality management systems for medical devices. This new certificates shows our capacity to adapt to our customer's wishes, whatever their fields of activity. In 2016 we have obtained EN 9100 certification in order to meet the requirements of the aerospace market. We constantly commit to adapt ourselves to the exigencies of our customers in each industry sector.


1000 braiding machines with 3 to 120 spindles

11,000m2 of floor space in works and administration buildings

An experimental and quality control laboratory

Research and development service

More than 60% of production exported all around the word


For more than century, TRESSE INDUSTRIE has developed a unique know-how in numerous braiding applications. Each generation has competently met the requirements of its customers.

Today, and for almost forty years, the company has specialized in technical braiding applications. From automotive to aeronautical applications, from satellites to operating theaters, from the inside of electrical switching cabinets to a river bed, our products are everywhere, and often where you'd least expect to find them.

If you have a particular application in mind, contact us. We know just what is needed to tie up a loyal partnership and will place our know-how, braided with the threads of experience, at your disposal

Pierre Omerin