• G6WO1-N01
  • G6WO1-N-double02
  • G6WO1-N02
  • G6WO1-N03


TISA-GLASS® G6WO1-M is is a braided flexible and expandable sleeve made from meta-aramid.

Its construction allows easy fitting over cables on long lengths, even over connectors.

The raw material is flame retardant and does not burn and withdraw high temperature in continuous which means that TISA-GLASS® G6WO1-M can bear the most severe environments. With TISA-GLASS® G6WO1-M cables and wires are highly protected against abrasion, flames and high temperatures.

TISA-GLASS® G6WO1-M has very high resistance to radiation (Gamma and x-rays) and microorganisms. Also very resistant to acids, alkali and solvents..

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• Meta-Aramid expandable protection sleeve
• Oil and water repellent
• Thin wall
• Lightweight
• Excellent abrasion protection
• Excellent cutting resistance
• Self-Extinguishing


• Military
• Aeronautical
• Shipbuilding
• Railway
• Underground