About us

Tresse Industie,
Braiders of the Future

Founded in 1906.
For more than a century, we have been developing a unique knowledge in the many applications of braiding.
For nearly fifty years, the company has specialized in braiding for technical use.

From automobile to aeronautics, from satellites to operating theatres, from the inside of an electrical cabinet to the bed of a river, our products are everywhere, often, where they are least expected!

An essential place for innovation

R&D and innovation play key roles in Tresse Industrie’s development strategy.

Anticipation and daring, combined with a mastery of braiding, weaving and knitting techniques, allows Tresse Industrie to patent and produce high-tech products that meet the primary needs of our customers: high-performance protection, ease of use and solutions for their problems.

Because we are humans after all

As a family business, Tresse Industrie has built its human personality since the very beginning.
Here, Industry does not sounds with greyness or sadness.

Based in Ambert, in the heart of Auvergne in France in a preserved valley, Tresse Industrie is proud of its values, workers’ engagement & its conviviality !


In a few figures

70 employees

1,000 machines

13,000m2 of buildings